Whenever there is a medical expense or a sudden family expense that cannot be postponed the first thought that comes to your mind is instant cash advance loan. If you do not have money on hand and are looking for alternatives to meet your sudden expenses then instant cash payday loans are the only direction your can head too. You can be 100 percent sure that your needs will be fulfilled.

These 24 hour loans or same day loans as they are fondly called by borrowers can be availed without a credit check. There is no time consuming paper work involved and people find these fast cash personal loans an attractive option when it comes to urgent money. Since the situation is dire the loans are offered quickly, there is no necessity to wait for days to avail a loan. There is absolutely no wastage of time in the process.

Absence of credit checking has made these emergency loans easily available to all categories of borrowers irrespective of the job they hold, though, they should be earning more than $1000 to stand eligible for a payday cash loan. People who are suffering from county court judgments, bankruptcy, late payment, defaults and arrears also stand entitled for these unsecured loans. Though, they might have to shell out a higher rate of interest.

This can be negotiated if the borrower holds a decent employment. The fast cash loan has to be repaid within 2 weeks time or at the most 4 weeks time, depending on when you get your salary. Incase you do not repay the amount on time then you stand to pay an extra amount as fine. Normally this extra amount is high and can be very pinching.

Therefore, it is recommended to make timely payments to avoid monetary loss. Suppose you want to avail an extension of your easy online payday loan, it is best to inform the payday lender in advance. So that the lender will not deposit the post dated check you have given them. Though, it is up to the cash advance lender to sanction your extension.

If he finds that your case is worth extra time then he might approve of it, else your case may be rejected and the money will be withdrawn from the amount. Some payday lenders prefer extension because they stand to gain more in the form of interest and fees.